What I Love About Spring

I think Spring is my favourite season. There are lots of things I love about it, but here are some of them ~

  1. Warmer Weather – The sun comes out, the weather becomes warmer and the dull days of winter disappear.
  2. Flowers – They really add beauty to the surroundings and daffodils are planted everywhere in the UK at this time of year.
  3. Longer Days – As Spring approaches, the days become longer as there are more hours of daylight. This means more hours of the day where you can go out and about.
  4. Easter – Easter is in Spring time and who doesn’t love eating chocolate, waiting for the Easter bunny, seeing the daffodils and looking at the new Spring lambs.
  5. Outdoors – As the weather improves, going outside becomes more fun as you can go on long walks, eat and drink outdoors and play sports without being freezing cold!
  6. Spring Cleaning – Is a chance to de-clutter and make room for more exciting things.
  7. Picnics – I think at this time of year, it’s so nice to have picnics in parks and enjoy the weather outdoors.
  8. Positivity – Spring brings a more optimistic look at life and lifts people’s moods. It makes people go out more, be active and make more enjoyable plans.

What is your favourite season? Or what do you love about Spring?

Please leave a comment and let me know!

You can also email me on: its.simply.me3@gmail.com

Or Tweet me: @itssimplyme3

Thank you so much for reading, Love Abbie x


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