Summer Essentials Collab!

IT’S ALMOST SUMMER! This means that you need to make sure you have got the basic essentials to enjoy this time of year. My blogger friend, Anna and I, thought we could team up together to do a collab and tell you are favourite summer must haves!

My Summer Essentials:

Sunglasses –

Sunglasses are the first thing you reach for when the sun shines. It’s a very obvious summer essential. There are so many different styles like Ray Bans Wayfarer and Aviators, but choose what you feel good in. They are a great fashion statement and also have the practical reason of protecting your eyes from UV rays. They can make excellent headbands if you forget a hair tie or clip and need your hair out of your eyes. Sunglasses mean you can also smile in the sun when taking pictures, this way you aren’t squinting. Plus even if you do close your eyes, no one will know. Sunglasses are a definite summer must have!

~ Aviators ~
~ Aviators ~
~ Wayfarer Ray Bans ~
~ Wayfarer Ray Bans ~









Flip Flops –

Flip-flops are perfect for walking on a sandy beach. But many of us choose this footwear on a regular basis to wear all summer long. They are great to keep your feet cool in the heat. You can also show off your latest nail varnish colour. I would recommend Havaianas, as although they are more expensive they are sturdy and very comfortable. But all are practical and you MUST have a pair of flip flops this summer!

~ Pink & Grey Havaianas ~
~ Pink & Grey Havaianas ~



Anna’s Summer Essentials:

A Nice Bikini Or Swimming Costume – 

A good bikini or swimming costume is very important when your on your summer holiday! I would love a Triangl bikini (top right) as they are a really good swimwear brand and their bikinis are gorgeous but they are so expensive! The other ones are all Primark swimwear so they are very affordable and but still really pretty! If you are going abroad and there’s a chance you might be near sea or a swimming, a bikini is a must! They are also great for tanning in. 😉 Always choose a bikini or swimming costume that makes you feel confident and good about yourself!

~ Women’s Swimwear ~


A Good Book –

Everyone needs that summer read for when you relaxing by the pool, it is great to just lie in the sun and really get into a good book! I do also love magazines but to me there’s nothing like getting lost in a book. My favourite summer reads would be Summer With My Sister by Lucy Diamond and any of the Jenny Colgan books! They aren’t too dramatic and won’t make you cry, they are just funny, easy reads. They also have a bit of romance in them, which is perfect for the summer season!

~ Summer With My Sister by Lucy Diamond ~

~ Summer With My Sister
by Lucy Diamond ~


What’s your summer essentials?

Please leave a comment and let me know!

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Thank you so much for reading, Love Abbie x


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