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Hey! So today’s post is a ‘Would You Rather’ Quiz with my blogger friend Anna (www.its-annas-life.blogspot.co.uk). It was so lovely to collab with her again and we hope many more future posts to come! Here are our quiz answers ūüôā
Would You Rather
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1. Would you rather die saving 10 000 strangers from death knowing no one would ever know it was you, or live knowing everyone would know you chose not to save 10 000 people?
My Answer: I would rather die saving 10,000 strangers without anyone knowing it was me, because at least I would have done an amazing thing.
Anna’s Answer:¬†I would rather die saving 10 000 people because at least I would know I’d done a good thing. Even if no one else did.
2. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or to fly?
My Answer: Definitely have the power to fly because you could travel wherever you wanted to and see more of the world!
Anna’s Answer:¬†Fly because then I could just fly away wherever I wanted to and just get away from things!
3. Would you rather have to listen to the same song everyday for the rest of your life or not be able to listen to any music at all?
My Answer: I would rather listen to the same song every day because I love music way too much to not have it at all. It would have to be my favourite song though!
Anna’s Answer:¬†Not listen to any music at all because although I really love music, I get bored of songs quite quickly so I would end up completely hating the one song!
4. Would you rather be a famous blogger or famous YouTuber and why?
My Answer: This is a hard one! I would probably say a famous blogger, because blogging is my hobby and turning that into a job would be pretty cool. However, being a famous YouTuber could bring a lot of big opportunities and I just love YouTube!
Anna’s Answer: ¬†Famous blogger because then I could do what I love as a job and I’m not a YouTuber, I also would be too self conscious about videos of myself being out there.
5. Would you rather be in love and not be able to kiss or hug them, or not be in love and be able to kiss and hug who you want?
My Answer: I would say not be in love because not being able to hug and kiss someone in a relationship would be so hard.
Anna’s Answer: Hmm that’s hard, and the answer would probably change depending on my age. Probably not be in love because it would be horrible to be in love with someone and not be able to hug or kiss them.
6. Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream as the only food for eternity?
My Answer: Pizza, because in the winter eating ice cream would be freezing and you can eat pizza all year round!
Anna’s Answer: Well at the moment I’d say pizza because I’m hungry and I don’t really feel like ice cream but if you asked me in summer I’d say ice cream. I don’t really love pizza that much but I’d probably say it as it is more filling than ice cream.
7. Would you rather have to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye for an entire year?
My Answer: I would rather be not be able to sneeze because having something in your eye really hurts!
Anna’s Answer:¬†I would definitely rather sneeze but not be able to, because I get so annoyed and panicky when something is stuck in my eye! I can’t do anything until I’ve got it out.
8. Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great grandchildren?
My Answer: Go into to the future and meet my great-great grandchildren because you could see what they did with their lives and how the world has changed in that time.
Anna’s Answer:¬†I would rather go into the past because I don’t want to spoil the future and I would like to see if I’m like any of my ancestors!
9. Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone?
My Answer: Probably be without internet for a week because at least with your my phone I could take photos, text and ring people!
Anna’s Answer:¬†I would rather be without Internet because, I have mobile data and I also think it’s sometimes nice to have a little break from the Internet, I’m not super obsessed with the Internet I quite like being away from it. One of the main reasons I use it for is talking to friends which I could do over text anyway.
10. Would you rather spend the day with your favourite YouTuber or your favourite movie star?
My Answer:¬†This is literally the hardest question! I love YouTubers and spending a day with my favourite – Zoe Sugg (Zoella) would be amazing! I love movies too and have a lot of favourite actresses but I wouldn’t be able to choose which one! So I’d probably rather spend the day with my favourite YouTuber!
Anna’s Answer:¬†YouTuber because I feel like I know them really well because I’ve been watching them for about four years now almost five actually, and I don’t really have a favourite movie star! However if it was the choice between YouTuber and favourite singer, I would choose Taylor Swift just because I’ve loved her since I was about 7-9ish and I know pretty much all the words to all her songs and I would love nothing more than to meet her!!


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