Hello 2016!


For this post, I thought I would tell you what plans I have for 2016 and what things I would like to achieve. I feel like New Year is a really good  time to think about what happened in the previous year and reminisce on some of the memories. Then the New Year can be a new start, if needed, and a chance to achieve more goals.

These are my plans and goals for 2016:

  • Look after myself
  • Blog frequently
  • Learn ways to control my anxiety
  • Eat healthier and exercise more
  • Get better at makeup techniques
  • Read more books
  • Watch a variety of Disney films that I haven’t seen!
  • Achieve good grades at school
  • Take lots of photographs
  • Make great memories
  • Do more of what makes me happy
  • Spend quality time with family and friends

Thank you so much for reading!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? 

Please leave a comment and let me know!

Or you can email me on: its.simply.me3@gmail.com

Or Tweet me: @itssimplyme3

Love Abbie x



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