W7 Eye Makeup Palettes

Hey! I hope you are all having a lovely Valentine’s Day ❤  In today’s post I thought I would show you my two W7 Eye Shadow Palettes and tell you what I think about them. (This is not an AD, all opinions are my own) I personally think they are really good, considering how inexpensive they are. I think they are amazing!

Firstly, the ‘In The Nude, Natural Nudes’ Palette has 12 different shades with an application brush. I think this palette is really good for beginners and for an everyday makeup look. The packaging is also very pretty and I particularly like the rose gold! The eye shadows themselves are easy to blend and pigmented. For approximately £9.99 this palette is a perfect start to a makeup collection.

W7 'In The Nude' Palette

W7 ‘In The Nude, Natural Nudes’ Palette

I also have the W7 ‘In The Night, Up in Smoke’ Smokey Shades Palette. This also includes 12 eye shadows and an application brush. These eye shadow shades are perfect for an evening/party makeup look because the shades are very dark and shimmery. I would say though that although they are pigmented, these shades take more blending than the ‘In The Nude’ palette. However, again for approximately £9.99 this palette is very appropriate and affordable for a night time eye makeup look!

W7 'In The Night, Up in Smoke' Palette

W7 ‘In The Night, Up in Smoke’ Palette

Where can you buy these from?:  W7’s website, TkMaxx & Amazon

Thank you so much for reading!

What are your favourite Eye Shadow Palettes?

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Love Abbie x


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