A to Z Of Me

Hey! I’m back 🙂 My Wi-Fi is now fixed so I’m back uploading posts for you all ❤ For today’s post I’ve created an ‘A to Z’ of me, all things that relate to me for every letter of the alphabet. I hope you like this!

A – Abbie ~ My name!

B – Baking  and Blogging ~ Two of my favourite hobbies

C – Cats ~ I have two pet cats that are so adorable!

D – Daffodils ~ My favourite spring time flower

E – Emetophobia ~ I suffer with this phobia, which is the fear of sick

F – Favourite colour ~ Purple

G – Gymnastics ~ For a lot of my childhood I was a gymnast, however I don’t do it anymore

H – Holidays ~ I love going to a relaxing place

I – Ice Cream ~ One of the best things about summer I think!

J – Jazzles ~ Favourite ‘Pick N Mix’ Sweets

K – ‘Keep Calm’ ~ Something I need to live by!

L – Love ~ I’m a firm believer in love ❤

M – Mental Illness ~ Something I suffer with and I wish there wasn’t so much stigma around it

N – Nutella ~ The best topping on toast!

O – Otters ~ Love these little animals!

P – Photography ~ Another one of my hobbies. I love photos, they are visual memories

Q – Quotes ~ I love inspirational quotes and sayings

R – Right handed

S – Strawberry Blonde ~ My hair colour!

T – Taylor Swift – One of my favourite singers

U – Understanding ~ I’m a really understanding person and do my best to help people

V – Vanilla Scented Candles ~ I love candles and particularly this scent!

W – Walks ~ I like going on little countryside walks to take pictures with my camera

X – ‘xx’ ~ I always end every text message with two kisses haha!

Y – YouTube ~ I love watching lots of different YouTubers

Z – Zodiac sign ~ My zodiac sign is Cancer

I really hope you liked this, it’s something different that I thought of!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Abbie x


14 thoughts on “A to Z Of Me

  1. Rosypop says:

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I WAS ABOUT TO LIKE THIS POST AND THEN MY COMPUTER FROZE SO I QUICKLY WENT ON MY PHONE AND THEN MY PHONE FROZE AS WELL BUT I’VE FINALLY READ IT AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Nutella is my favourite topping as well and I love otters and YouTube and baking & blogging are two of my favourite hobbies as well! And I love going on walks and I’m right-handed as well and I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY TOO! You can really tell I loved this post! xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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