NCS Yes Live Concert 2016!

Hey! So on Tuesday (29th March) I was lucky enough to attend the NCS Yes Live Concert at the Roundhouse in Camden, London! I am a NCS Graduate and so is my friend and he won two tickets to the concert so we went together! πŸ™‚

NCS provided us with transport and we met our chaperones and got the coach up to London! By the time we got there the queue was massive, but we queued up, got our tickets and went straight in to the venue.


Headlining the concert was Tinie Tempah! Then Jess Glynne & Craig David came and performed as surprise guests! There were also performances from Izzy Bizu, Blonde, Melvin Odoom and Emma Blackery! It was such an amazing concert and I loved it ❀

Here are a few pictures – Sorry they aren’t very good quality, they were taken on my phone!


Tinie Tempah & Jess Glynne



Caspar Lee Presenting an Award

Caspar Lee Presenting an Award

Jake Boys & Emily Canham Interviewing Backstage

Jake Boys & Emily Canham Interviewing Backstage

YouTubers Caspar Lee, Jake Boys, Emily Canham, Ali – A and Emma Blackery also appeared at various points in the concert which was awesome! I had such a great time, thank you NCS!

If you aren’t sure what NCS is then basically it stands for National Citizen Service and it helps you build your skills for work and life, while you take on new challenges and meet new friends. I completed the program with my school and obviously NCS last Autumn and graduated from it! This is how I got the chance to attend the NCS Yes Live Concert!

If you are between 15-17 years old and want to find out more or sign up to it then please take a look at their website ~ It is a very good opportunity and is great for your CV.

Thank you so much for reading! β€

Have you graduated from NCS? Did you go to NCS Yes Live?

Please leave a comment and let me know!

Or you can email me on:

Or Tweet me: @itssimplyme3

Love Abbie x


9 thoughts on “NCS Yes Live Concert 2016!

  1. HighHopes says:

    Wow that’s so cool! I have signed up to do NCS this summer, and I can’t wait-it seems so much fun! Can I ask how you found the experience? Hope xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HighHopes says:

    Yeah definitely! I’m kind of nervous about going, as its with people you’ve never met before but I just decided to go for it 😊 how did you find making friends there? And what did you do, the activities and social action project? Sorry for asking loads of questions but I’m just curious:) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simply, Me says:

      I was really nervous too, but I had people that I knew going so that was okay. However, I did make some new friends too so it’s honestly fine!😊 The physical activities that I did was coasteering, kayaking, raft building and like lighting fires and stuff. Then we did a smoothie competition and loads of little activities. My teams social action project was raising awareness for a mental health charity in my area and fundraising by holding a movie night! It was really good😊 It’s fine ask away πŸ™‚ xx

      Liked by 1 person

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