Why Haven’t I Posted?

Hey my lovely followers ❤ Now I kind of have some explaining to do. I haven’t been blogging since the 4th of May and I need to let you know why…

Firstly, towards the end of May I had to finish my health and social care coursework so I powered through so much work to get it all done early. I also felt so anxious and down, and  I had no inspiration to blog around this time, let alone the time to write a post!

I mentioned this before in another post but, my friend is currently in hospital suffering from anorexia and I have spent time writing her letters, visiting her, making sure she’s okay and trying to be the bested friend I can be. I hate watching her go through this and it affects me in ways that neither her or anyone else will ever understand. No matter how long it takes, I know she’ll get there in the end! ❤

Also, I’ve not been in the right headspace to post as my blog is a place that is positive and I didn’t want to post anything when I wasn’t feeling positive.

I currently have tonsillitis as well so I’m on antibiotics for that! BUT… I’m back and I have been planning lots of posts and I’m ready to start up my blog again!

Thank you for sticking around for me and as always thank you so much for reading ❤

Love Abbie x




8 thoughts on “Why Haven’t I Posted?

  1. Elm says:

    Hey, please don’t feel guilty! Remember that this is your life, your blog and that YOU need to feel well enough to post. I really hope your friend is okay; I know that you’ll support her as much as you can and that’s amazing. Stay strong, and stay happy. We’re here for you always ❤

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  2. girlonrainbow says:

    I hope your friends will be fine soon!!! Glad you’re back but don’t feel like you have to post! If you’re not Feeling positive you don’t have to Imitate it in your Posts!! You could also write on e where you let go of your sad or anxious Feelings, if you want (just a Suggestion!!). ❤ I would read it anyway xxx

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  3. sophie15samantha says:

    So glad you’re back and so excited to see your posts popping into my emails. I have a post going up at 6pm (BST) where I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It would be really cool if you checked it out and maybe answered the questions in a post?
    Love, Sophie X

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