The Five Senses Tag

Hey! Today I have the ‘Five Senses Tag’ for you 🙂 I was nominated to do this tag by the lovely Béline, thank you! Please check out her blog and give it a follow! –

In the tag I’m just going to tell you my favourite five things for each of the senses!

The rules for the 5 Senses Tag are:

1: You have to thank the person/people who nominated you.

2: You have to write five things for each of the five senses.

3: Nominate five other bloggers.


  1. The sea
  2. Family and friends laughing
  3. My cats purring
  4. Sparklers
  5. My favourite songs


  1. The beach
  2. Sunset
  3. Heavy snow
  4. Fairy lights
  5. Wildlife


  1. Chocolate
  2. Fanta
  3. Roast dinners
  4. Nando’s
  5. Watermelon


  1. Hugs
  2. New bed sheets
  3. Stroking my cats
  4. Warm baths
  5. Fluffy blankets


  1. Baking
  2. BBQ’s
  3. Flowers
  4. Zella Body Mist
  5. Lush bath bombs

I nominate: 

Thank you so much for reading ❤

Love Abbie x